Playstation News: Watch Bill Bailey go where No Man has gone before in No Man’s Sky


To celebrate the arrival of the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky(TM) which is available now on PlayStation(R)4, Sony Interactive Entertainment UK has unveiled a new video following comedian Bill Bailey as he journeys to the centre of a near infinite universe.

The video follows Bailey, known for his love of space, as he goes where no man has been before, exploring a small fraction of the infinite universe of No Man’s Sky in his iconic comedic style. Watch the Never Mind the Buzzcocks and QI star as he takes the captain’s seat, engages hyperdrive and explores the universe, encountering fantastical space-creatures in his quest to conquer some of the 18 quintillion planets available for players to discover:

Bill Bailey said: “Playing No Man’s Sky is an immersive and fantastical journey of exploration where you can discover and name entire planets, as I did with Bill-topia. There’s plenty more planets to go round, in fact an entire universe of 18 quintillion celestial orbs…(that’s 18 billion billion). It’s an extraordinary experience to roam around this galactic wonderland. You can lose yourself in new worlds, and the beauty and mystery of space”

Developed by UK based studio Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is a genre-bending new game which gives players the opportunity to leave their mark on an infinite universe as they travel through a vast galaxy teeming with planets, creatures and alien races. As players discover new ground and countless adventures, they will be forced to fight for survival as they encounter pirates, unfriendly cosmic beasts and the ruthless justice of the all-seeing Sentinels.

Drawing on the stunning visual style and creativity of classic science-fiction, No Man’s Sky is a game of unprecedented scale and ambition, the concept of which has captured the imagination of players around the world. Whether players choose to fight, trade or explore, all of their decisions have consequences, shaping their experience as they travel ever deeper into No Man’s Sky.

Please note Bill Bailey does not come free with the game.

No Man’s Sky(TM) on PlayStation 4 is available now from retailers across the UK, including from the PlayStation Store

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