PC Gaming News: EVOLVE Stage 2 – Progression Updates LIVE Now – Patch Notes

EVOLVE Stage 2

Turtle Rock Studios has today released a new patch for EVOLVE Stage 2 that has been based on player feedback and issues reported since EVOLVE went Free to Play:

The following Patch notes were released on the official Turtle Rock Studio forums that explain what changes have been made:

Hey Everyone,

So as you may have noticed some progression updates have hit the live game. So we can get out the word on how these changes will affect all players, the detailed information about the changes are below:

– Progression now has 50 levels instead of 30
– The new level system is a consistent XP growth from level to level as opposed to the bigger XP leaps the old 1-30 level system had.
– If you were level 30 in the previous progression system, you should be bumped up to level 50 after playing one game in the latest build.
– To Further clarify, the XP required to max level is the same, but there are now 50 levels as opposed to 30.
-Ranked play is still unlocked at level 20. (Awaiting change from Network Team, is level 26 currently)– – This will allow more players to get into ranked sooner if they are up to the task!
– We’ll be watching these changes
– Why did we do this?
– We wanted to smooth out the level curve since we didn’t like the big XP jumps the old progression system had between the later levels.
– By spacing out the levels, this also has allowed us to space out the unlocks so players get more unlocks more often as they make progress in the new level system.

As always with anything in Stage 2 please let us know what you think of this new feature so we can keep expanding on the system in the future! This is currently live so make sure you hop into a game and you’ll see a new update on your profile showing the new progression system.

We wanted to move forward with this change since we’ve been getting feedback all over our community about how progression feels in Stage 2 and wanted to make the first changes to the system based on the feedback we’ve seen from our players.
Remember you need to play in a match before seeing the updated level system!

Thanks Everyone and enjoy!

EVOLVE E Griffin

This update comes following the 24hr delay in the release of the newest Character Adaptation, E- Griffin, who will be released tomorrow 20/7/16 instead.




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