VideoGame News: Turtle Rock Studios Videos Explain Changes in EVOLVE Stage 2


Well it has been an exciting last few days for fans of EVOLVE as it relaunched on PC as a Free To Play title. Stage 2 is a complete rebuild version of EVOLVE, where through player feedback and developer desire to fine tune it even more, Stage 2 represents the ultimate EVOLVE game experience.

Turtle Rock Studios have been releasing a series of videos to their Youtube channel where the developers themselves take us through some of the changes they have made in Stage 2: (I will be updating this article with each video released):

Now one of the things that I have always admired and loved about Turtle Rock Studios as a developer, other than EVOLVE, is their completely awesome sense of humour and desire to share their fun with their fans so along with the serious side of explaining how EVOLVE Stage 2 works, check out when the Devs just like to have fun too.

EVOLVE Stage 2 is currently available on PC via STEAM and is Free to Play and is being treated as a full beta with weekly updates planned to fine tune it for players. There is currently no date for a release on console with the believed plan to be a future release based on the success of the PC Beta and player numbers post evaluation period.

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  1. […] Rock Studios have also prepared some videos via their Youtube channel explaining the changes made for EVOLVE Stage 2 and the developers also host community streams on […]

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