Arrow News: First Image from Season 5 Released


Following the reveal of the arrival of Kid Flash character to Season 3 of The Flash, tonight star of Arrow Stephen Amell has tweeted the first image from Season 5, returning this October:

Now the image looks as though it has been taken from another flashback storyline, which of course will end after this season as the flashbacks tell the story of the five years that Oliver Queen was supposedly marooned on Lian Yu but we now know that he was in fact also off the island but then every event through each of the five years prepared and turned Oliver into the person we first saw in the Pilot Episode of Arrow firing an arrow to light a fire to attract a fishing ship to make his return to the world.

The image looks as though for Season 5, it will focus on Oliver’s past when he became a member of the Bratva, something Oliver has used to his advantage upon his return. Season 4 saw Oliver fighting along side Taiana, where he promised to free her Russian Village from its captors. Oliver seems to be in some sort of fight club, he certainly looks ready to fight and that he has already been in one.

Season 5 returns to the CW Network in October



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