The Flash News: Kid Flash to Join Season 3 of The Flash

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After the less than subtle hinting through out Season 2, today it has been confirmed that the character Kid Flash will be finally appearing in Season 3 of The Flash as CW Network released the first images of him in costume:


Keiynan Lonsdale will be returning as Wally West to probably play the sidekickrole to Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen in the new season. How has this happened? well Season 2 *Spoilers* below…..

Towards the end of Season 2 as Barry attempts to recreate the particle accelerator accident to get back his powers after he gave them up to Zoom to save Wally’s life, a wave of energy shot out in Star Labs and Wally was caught in the wake of it. We did not see Wally show signs of having the same powers as Barry but the entire season was hinting at Wally’s love of speed.

The costume is very much like the Kid Flash suit from the comic books and I think it looks great in every detail. Going to be interesting to see how Wally and Barry get on in Season 3, launching in October.



One thought on “The Flash News: Kid Flash to Join Season 3 of The Flash

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