VideoGame News: Nomad Games and SpecialEffect Mark ‘One Special Day’


Last year, Nomad Games teamed up with SpecialEffect, the charity which helps people with physical disabilities access gaming, to design a new character for the Talisman board.  Through Nomad’s Talisman: Digital Edition the team hosted a fan contest to come up with a new character concept. Hundreds of entries were received, which were then whittled down to a shortlist of 6 and put to a public vote.

The Shaman was the chosen winner and the character concept was then handed over to three guys with disabilities, who had been supported by SpecialEffect, to come up with the design concept for the Shaman. This whole concept was then integrated into the game and became a playable character transforming into a Bear, Cheetah or Owl to help in the quest for the Crown of Command!

Throughout the year the Nomads have donated 100% of net proceeds made from Shaman sales across PC, Mac, iOS & Android. One year on the Shaman has raised £10,000 for SpecialEffect!

This year, on July 15th, SpecialEffect is running an event called One Special Day, asking game companies to donate proceeds from game sales on that day.

Nomad Games has been supporting SpecialEffect throughout the year with Shaman sales. If you have not purchased one before, this is the perfect day to get involved. The Shaman DLC is available to download from Steam, iOS and Android, with fans of the PC sku given the opportunity to choose what they pay by going direct to the Nomad Games website for the Steam key.

So this week please join us in supporting our fellow gamers, especially the ones who work harder than all of us just to be able to play the games we love. Join SpecialEffect and Nomad Games in picking up the amazing Shaman character and supporting a fantastic cause.

Prints of the Shaman and other Talisman goodies have been donated to SpecialEffect for their on line gaming merchandise auction for One Special Day, starting on the 8th July.

Barry Floyd, Operations Co-Ordinator at SpecialEffect, said: “We are so grateful to Nomad Games and the Talisman community for the money raised for SpecialEffect from sales of the Shaman character pack.
The income will help keep our team of Occupational Therapists and technology specialists on the road and helping more people with disabilities to enjoy the fun and inclusivity that video games bring.
“The Shaman character has been developed through cooperation between Nomad Games, the Talisman community and people helped by SpecialEffect. It’s a perfect collaboration and we very much hope other games developers will follow Nomad Games’ lead.

“When friends introduced us to SpecialEffect, and the work they do to support people with disabilities to play digital games we were hugely impressed.” Said Don Whiteford, MD at Nomad Games.  “We wanted to lend our support but get everyone involved in the process to raise money and awareness of the charity.”

Link to Shaman Character:

Link to SpecialEffect’s  One Special Day:

Link to One Special Day Auction:

special effect


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