VideoGame News: Destiny Launches ‘Moments of Triumph’ Year 2 Rewards


Bungie is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this week as a developer and on the traditional ‘Bungie Day’ (7th day of the 7th month) have announced the Year 2 ‘Moments of Triumph’ and rewards Destiny players can collect by completing the legendary challenges that make up Year 2 of Destiny.

Players simply have to visit the Post Master and collect the Book of Triumphs, which will hold all the rewards and how they can be obtained by complete which legendary challenges in game. Players will have until September 20th to complete the book before the release of ‘Rise of Iron’ where all these rewards will end and Year 2 completed.

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Another bonus of completing ‘Moments of Triumph’ for year 2 is the opportunity to get a discount on an exclusive Tee from the Bungie store. Any purchase of this customizable t-shirt will benefit the Bungie Foundation, a charity started by Bungie to help others around the world.


Finally as a fan of Bungie from the day dot with HALO CE on Xbox, to see them achieve and celebrate 25 years as a developer and publisher is something special indeed, even if the Destiny road has indeed been rather bumpy to say the least. Here is hoping for another 25 years of their vision for gaming. Happy Anniversary Bungie!



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