Arrow News: Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes to Guest Star in Season 5


Many fans of Arrow will still remember (as will many WWE fans) the moment Stephen Amell took on WWE’s Stardust at Summerslam last year and won. Well now it seems that the rematch could possibly take place in Season 5 of Arrow as now former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes has been announced to be guest starring in the upcoming season.

Stephen tweeted the news himself:

Cody Rhodes, who recently left the WWE in order to pursue an acting career, replied showing true class as someone not taking this opportunity lightly and tweeted this:

Last year when this story line played out with Stephen being a genuine WWE fan and working with Cody Rhodes as Stardust, fans were surprised to see just how good a performance Stephen put in, with the universes now reversed it will be interesting to see how Cody does.

We have yet to learn what role Cody will play or for how many episodes but I would not be surprised if we get to see him and Stephen go at it one last time.



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