VideoGame News: Developer Dad and 11yr Old Son Launch Kickstarter for Game


Father and son Richard and Lucas Hill-Whittall have launched their first Kickstarter campaign together for their video game Best Buds vs. Bad Guys. Richard and Lucas both have a love of classic run and gun games; exploring and discovering cool stuff, shooting lots of nasties and have always wanted to develop a game of this genre together.

The two of them are on the autistic spectrum and wanted to get the message across that having a condition like Asperger’s doesn’t prevent you from making your dreams and ambitions come true, and that you can overcome anything.  This is where the idea came about; two ‘Best Buds’, which is the name Richard and Lucas call each other, taking on the evil bad guys within an imaginative video game world.  This is a game about teamwork, battling bad guys and using stupidly powerful and silly weapons and power-ups to do it. A game about good over evil and about friendship, overcoming difficulties, and kicking bad-guy butt!

“We wanted to create an authentic retro experience which draws upon Lucas’ imaginative ideas for enemies and levels and my admiration & love of classic 80s/early 90s arcade machine games like Contra, Ghosts ’n Goblins, Green Beret, Mega Man, Bionic Commando and more.” said Richard, “Lucas sketched out various enemy designs, and built several enemies out of Lego, which I then pixelated. The whole process was great fun.”




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