TV News: Tyler Hoechlin Cast as Superman for Season 2 of Supergirl


With the news that the second season of Supergirl was to air on the CW Network alongside Arrow, The Flash and DC Legends of Tomorrow, fans have been imagining and dreaming of the potential that will have going forward. Well it seems the show itself is adding something special for itself, its very own Man of Steel as Tyler Hoechlin will join the cast for season 2 as Superman.

Variety has reported that the Teen Wolf actor has been cast as Clark Kent/Superman with the initial plan to have Superman feature in the opening two episodes with potential to return later in the season.

In a statement released by Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg:

“Greg and I have wanted to work with Tyler for ages, so this worked out perfectly because Tyler is Superman. We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the legacy of this iconic character.”

Superman has featured in the first season of Supergirl but only as a out of the light figure and though emails/chat messages by computer offering encouragement and advice to his cousin. This will mark the first time the character of Superman has been seen on the small screen since Smallville ended after ten years and even then, was not actually allowed to show their Clark Kent, Tom Welling, in the suit fully, and instead a CGI model was used in the finale episode with Welling only allowed to do the iconic shirt rip to reveal the S Shield.

Flash Supergirl

With the promise of major cross over episodes with Arrow and The Flash, the future is looking bright for Supergirl in season 2!



One thought on “TV News: Tyler Hoechlin Cast as Superman for Season 2 of Supergirl

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