MARVEL News: Captain America ‘Civil War’ 2nd Trailer

Civil War

There is no denying how well MARVEL both tease and then deliver truly brilliant trailers for their big blockbuster Avenger films and today saw the release of the second full trailer for the next majhor film, Captain America: Civil War

With new unseen footage, more detail into how the events will come to be than previously and the moment all MARVEL fan of the cinematic world has been hoping for, the first look at Spider-Man in the Avenger’s Universe. Now that’s how you end a trailer!

Big moments was seeing Black Panther in full action chasing down the Winter Soldier’ Bucky Barnes, Cap using a line from ‘The First Avenger’ whenever he encountered a bully and seeing how the two sides square up actually gave me goose bumps. But to see Spider-Man, in full costume making one hell of an entrance stealing Cap’s iconic Shield and webbing up his hands

Civil War SM

The suit has an understated Spider Logo on the chest, a smaller one compared to more recent versions of the suit. Following the example of the Deadpool suit, the eyes are white and appear CGI animated allowing for a degree of facial expression for the first time. Just as in the comic book series, he is clearly on the side of Team Iron Man, at that point of the film anyway.

It is a solid trailer that will help build fan hype till release, and even more so our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is web slinging his way into the action!

marvel logo


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