Doctor Who News: Steven Moffat to Step Down after Series 10, but not airing till 2017

Doctor Who

News breaking at time of posting has the BBC confirming that Doctor Who Head writer and Show Runner, Steven Moffat, will be stepping down after the 10th Series (since reboot).

Taking over will be Chris Chibnall, the creator of award winning show Broadchurch. It is also being reported that the 10th Series will not air in 2016, with only a Christmas Special to air this year leading into the series showing in spring 2017 with Chibnall officially taking over from 2018.

I have been very vocal about how disappointing the last three series have been under Moffat’s leadership since the Show’s amazing 50th Anniversary. Storylines were too companion focused with the constant “I’m leaving no I’m staying” antics of Jenna Coleman which in my opinion led to a slow and held back tenure start for Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.

Fresh ideas are indeed needed for the show to return to its rebooted glory days but to have no series for a full year or more and 12 month wait for a Christmas special is harsh on fans if true.

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