Playstation News: Two FREE Content Packs for LEGO MARVEL Avengers Revealed for PS4/PS3


Today TT Games have announced via the PlayStation Blog that the PlayStation 4 and PS3 will be getting two Free content packs for LEGO MARVEL Avenger’s. The first will be a pack based on the upcoming ‘Captain America: Civil War’ film and adds nine characters to the game on its launch. Featuring Captain America, Mark 46 Armour Iron Man, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Crossbones and Agent 13:

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The second content pack will be based on MARVEL’s ANT-MAN film which will release later this spring with new characters from the film and a level. Featuring 11 characters from the film including Ant-Thony the Flying Ant.


Releasing on January 26th, LEGO MARVEL Avenger’s features content from six MARVEL big screen films as well as MARVEL TV shows and comics that with these two exclusive PlayStation content promises to be the biggest LEGO Game yet and a must for any MARVEL fan.

I am chomping at the bit for this game!!

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