Video Game News: EVOLVE’s New Character Adaptation ‘Wasteland Maggie’ Out Now


Turtle Rock Studios and 2K have released the next character adaptation for EVOLVE today. Wasteland Maggie is a variation on the Trapper Maggie with a dramatic twist for both Maggie and her companion Daisy:

Take classic Maggie, add a pinch of Griffin and a dash of Hyde and you’ll get Wasteland Maggie. Fire damage has been added to all her gear, including a flamethrower for Daisy!!! She only has a single harpoon trap, but it’s got big range and a quicker deploy speed. It’s sort of like having a deployable Griffin, only this one burns!

BURST PISTOL -The Burst Pistol spews short bursts of fire molten bullets, lighting enemies on fire and dealing damage over time.

FLAME SNARE – The Flame Snare not only halts a monster’s movement, it lights it on fire!

COMBAT TRAPJAW – The Combat Trapjaw’s flamethrower backpack roasts monsters that get too close.

Wasteland Maggie is FREE for all EVOLVE players and is available now for all regions and on all platforms.

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