South Park: The Stick of Truth : Are We Cool, Heisenberg and Day Walker Achievements


Whilst reviewing ‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ for the site I write for ‘This Is Xbox‘, I was able to try out the Hauppage HD Rocket PVR, a review will be coming soon.

On my second playthrough I decided to record the picking up of three Achievements: Are We Cool, Day Walker and Heisenberg which can only be obtained at early moments in the game. So below are the videos I made of the Achievements unlocking, descriptions of how to do it is with each video on the Youtube page for each one.

This is the full final stage of the Rescue Craig quest…the achievement “Day Walker” is unlocked near the end. Gameplay recorded to test out the Rocket PVR using a USB key to record the gameplay.

Short video for ‘Are We Cool’ Achievement, this requires you to have selected the Jew Class at the start of the game, and complete the Find Jesus Quest.

Short Video for ‘Heisenberg’ Achievement. A nod to Breaking Bad, this requires you to equip your character with the Evil Cartman Goatee and Bald Cap and defeat the Meth heads as part of the Tweek Quest early in the game.

More gameplay videos from various games will be following as I test out the Hauppage Rocket PVR further.


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