Man of Steel 2 News – More Insight and Details into Lex Luthor

Man of Steel 2 - Fanmade Luthor


Much like the internet’s reaction to the Ben Affleck casting as Batman for the Man of Steel sequel, the same has been for the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. As often with well known and love Comic Book characters, there is an established image of that character in fan’s minds that most often has a negative or positive reaction when an actor has been cast in the role.

Whilst my own reaction was not “oh thats awesome” to the news, Latino Review has reported on what is claimed to be an insight into the new imagining of Lex Luthor as a character that would give more light on why Eisenberg was picked. If the reports prove to be true, it will be an interesting take on the Lex Luthor character for Henry Carvill’s Superman.

“Lex is also the richest man on the planet who became a self made billionaire at 18. Lex is currently the CEO of Lexcorp who is one part tech genius, one part ruthless businessman and two parts Metropolis street tough. Yes, street tough.

At 14 Lex was living on the streets and for survival was initiated into a street gang. He learned early on that there was someone always bigger and stronger but never smarter. By 15 that street gang was answering to him. According to Lex, strength isn’t everything. Resolve is.”

A description of the look for this Luther is of having a shaved head, skinny street punk type with a detailed sleeve tattoo of the Metropolis skyline on his right arm. The report does go on to suggest how he will be introduced in the film, but as it could be spoilers I will simply leave it up to you (The reader) to follow the link above to carry on reading that.

Source – Dark Horizons

For me, prepared to give the film a chance as well as those cast to play the new roles to be established looking to progress into Justice League. Film still feels very crowded but the new Man of Steel film had to have a Lex Luthor, it was teased in the first so…whether or not this is the new version of Lex Luthor is true, Eisenberg deserves the chance to play the role. The Script is also currently under re-write so anything reported is subject to change.


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