DC Comic News: Director of ‘Suicide Squad’ Unveils The Joker for Character’s 75th Anniversary

Joker 25th

To celebrate the character’s 75th Anniversary, the director of the ‘Suicide Squad’ film David Ayer, chose to unveil Jared Leto’s official look for The Joker for the first time:

I really love this look, its modern, fresh and quite twisted. The only criticism I have is the ‘Damaged’ tattoo on the forehead which for me labels The Joker in a way that is too obvious. His actions, demeanour and presence should be all you need to know to understand that ‘something is not right’ with this character!

But it does end all the speculation about what Leto’s look will be like and is a refreshing take on the character for the big screen.


Playstation 4 News: Just Cause 3 gameplay reveal trailer coming next Tuesday‏

just_cause 3

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios are delighted to announce that the world-first gameplay reveal trailer for Just Cause 3 will be released on Tuesday 28th April at 2pm UK time.

Also revealed for the very first time today is the explosive pack artwork that will be taking centre stage for the game.

Just Cause 3 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in Holiday 2015.

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Xbox One News: ESL to host US$100,000 EVOLVE Xbox One Tournament

EVOLVE Tournament

EVOLVE Proving Grounds is set to make waves in the console scene with a US$100,000 Xbox One tournament in June. Together, ESL and 2K will search for the world’s best console EVOLVE players starting April 26th, with online qualifiers for Europe and the United States. Four weeks of online competition will lead to a travel-expenses-paid-for offline tournament at both the ESL Cologne studios and ESL Burbank studios, respectively, from which the top two will advance to the Grand Finals in Los Angeles on the week of June 15th.

“EVOLVE has commanded the attention of the gaming world since – and before – its release in February of this year. We consistently see demand for the game at our events and are happy to now be doing more with it in terms of esports competition,” said David Hiltscher, Vice President of Gaming Communities at ESL. “The future looks bright for EVOLVE esports, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

EVOLVE is a 4v1 shooter game in which four hunters cooperatively fight to take down a single-player controlled Monster. For more information regarding EVOLVE, please visit the official website. A detailed breakdown of the tournament, which will be played out on Twitch at twitch.tv/EvolveGame, can be found on www.eslgaming.com . Alternatively, join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #4v1!

* ESL’s EVOLVE Proving Grounds tournament is open to legal residents of the following countries who are at least 17 years of age: Canada, Mexico, United States, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus,  Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Estonia, Finland,  France,  Germany,  Greece, Hungary,  Iceland,  Ireland,  Italy, Latvia,  Liechtenstein,  Lithuania,  Luxembourg, Malta,  Netherlands,  Norway,  Poland, Portugal,  Romania,  Russia,  Slovakia, Slovenia,  Spain,  Sweden,  Switzerland, United Kingdom,  Ukraine and is void where prohibited by local law. Participants must have a legal copy of Evolve, a team of 5 players, each with an active Xbox Live Gold membership account in good standing and be registered with an account on the ESL website.

xbox one


Video Game News: Telltale Games and MARVEL announce Partnership


Telltale games has overnight confirmed via their ‘Blog’ that they will be partnering with MARVEL in 2017 to produce video games. No further details on what the games will be but with ‘Phase 3′ of MARVEL’s big screen project now fully underway, it could be any number of films or TV shows such as ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ or on Netflix with ‘The Defenders’ such as Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

A simple statement was made on the release:

Announced this evening in San Francisco, we’re excited to reveal an all-new partnership with the incredible team at Marvel Entertainment. We’ll be teaming up on the development of an upcoming Telltale game series project set to premiere in 2017!

As always, stay tuned here for the latest news and details on this and all of our upcoming projects as they become available…

*My Thoughts

Very much excited to see what this partnership could produce, especially after the success of the ‘Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series’ game. I would expect to see it stick to the same episodic point and click style that Telltale is famous for making popular and with so many huge plans for both TV and cinema screens, games based on MARVEL phase 3 could be particularly epic. One to watch out for for sure…


Playstation 4 News: Call of Duty: Black Ops III ‘Ember’ Teaser Trailer


In the next 50 years, technological advancements will lead us into a world where only those who risk going too far, will find out how far we can actually go.

Check out the World Reveal on 26th April.

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Playstation 4 News: New Gameplay Trailer for ‘Mad Max’ Released


Mad Max Game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios today released the Mad Max Gameplay Overview Trailer for the Mad Max video game coming this autumn. Set in the post-apocalyptic future, the trailer provides a glimpse into the desperate struggle Max faces after losing it all – his family, his car, his sanity – and the steps he must take to survive in the harsh and desolate Wasteland. For the first time, players get an extended look at the deep car customization, metal grinding vehicular combat, brutal melee combat and a wide range of other activities they can engage in during their quest to build the ultimate survival vehicle, the Magnum Opus, and find solace in the Plains of Silence. All footage in the trailer is in-engine, comprised of actual game play and in-game cinematics.

Mad Max will be released on 4th September, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

*My Thoughts

Appearing to be very much similar to other WB titles such as Arkham and especially ‘Shadow of Mordor’ in terms of free roaming, upgrading and the combat. Does look interesting but will depend largely on the world in the game and what you can do and where you can go. I am more intrigued with ‘Mad Max’ than I was before this trailer that is for sure.

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Video Game News: Square Enix E3 conference to be held Tuesday, June 16, at 9AM‏


With some of the most anticipated games for 2015 and beyond, Square Enix is hosting a dedicated E3 conference in downtown LA on Tuesday, June 16, at 9 AM right before E3 kicks off.

More details will be available soon – just make sure to mark your calendar.

The press conference will be streamed live:Twitch.TV/SquareEnixPresents and https://www.youtube.com/user/SquareEnixPresents

E3 2015